The goal of this portal is to tell you more about the "Association of the Belgian Warrant Holders". This is a wonderful mosaic of companies of widely varying skills that His Majesty the King has honoured with his trust.

From the largest companies to the smallest craftsman, from workshops that continue using ancestral arts to companies focused on innovation; the Belgian warrant holders cultivate shared values: a passion for their profession, the pursuit of excellence, ethics, honesty and of course a deep attachment to our nation.

But other commitments are required before receiving this honour - and to continue being worthy of it. They must develop a corporate culture that aims for the well-being of its life forces, practice fair prices as a policy and offer services whose quality does not stop at the Palace gates. Each consumer in the Kingdom merits the same attention from a Supplier to the Court. Is it not true that "The customer is King"?

Discover true professionals in the noble meaning of the word on this site. And discover the full range of their talent.

Olivier Borgerhoff
President of the
Association of the
Belgian Warrant