Chapter 1. Awarding of the Title.

a. Award Process

b. Conditons of Award

c. Title Holder

The title, Warrant Holder of the Court of Belgium, is awarded in the form of a certificate:

These designated individuals or company officials shall perform the responsibilities inherent in the awarding of the title and recognition of these responsibilities will be formalised through an agreement in writing signed by the persons involved (document summarised in Appendix 1).

d. Validity of the Title

e. Timing

A reexamination of new requests as well as the five-year review shall be carried out in such a way as to lead to an annual decision during the first two weeks of November. An updated list of Warrant Holders shall be published by November 15th of each year.

Chapter 2. Privileges

a. Awarding of the title does not grant the title holder to monopoly rights or to the right of continuation as a supplier ;

b. The title of Warrant Holder of the Court of Belgium is formalised through the awarding of the title. The title is free of charge and belongs neither to the title holder nor to the company and shall be returned to the Civil List in all cases of revocation. It may not be reproduced without the express autorisation of the Keeper of the Civil List ;

c. The title of "Warrant Holder of the Court of Belgium" confers upon the title holder the right to utlise the Royal Royal Coat of Arms under the following conditions:

Chapter 3. Ethical Guidelines

a. General Guidelines

Observe the general obligation of reserve and absolute discretion with regard to relations with the Royal Family and the Court.

b. In particular, the title holder must avoid:

c. It is preferable that the title holder refer all inquiries by the media involving the title to the non-profit organisation, and defer to its opinion on all ethical questions ;

d. Title holders shall also ensure that the quality of service does not end at the Palace gates, but applies equally to all customers.

Chapter 4. The Association of Warrant Holders of the Royal Court of Belgium.

a. The Association of Warrant Holders of the Court of Belgium was established in 1988 and seeks ideally to bring together all title holders (or functional title holders) of the certificate. ;

b. Its objectives are:

c. Title holders are not required to be affiliated with the organisation. Nevertheless, whether they become members or not, it is imperative that they register with the association in accordance with its procedures;

d. The non-profit organisation is the authorised channel of communication between title holders and the Royal Household and as such may be considered as the authorised centre for advice and consulting ;

e. The Keeper of the Civil List shall consult with the association on any manner deemed necessary, particularly for the examination of new candidates or during five-year reviews;

f. Whether or not they are members of the organisation, title holders will discover it to be an appropriate forum for discussing all issues related to rights and regulations associated with the title.